Server functionality - Administration

This Help steps through all the Administrator functionality within the SBLi Server.

This help does not deal with the setup and server configuration. Please see the install and read me instructions for information on this aspect of the SBL Interactive Sever.

Shared Functionality:

  1. Show entries: By default the SBLi Server lists 10 scenarios at a time. The number of scenarios displayed per page can be changed to 25, 50 and ALL.
  2. Sorting: Each of the columns of information about the scenarios can be sorted. Just click on the column heading to sort ascending or click again to sort descending.
  3. Search:Type the search criteria within the the search text box. The search is dynamic and will immediately begin to filter scenario records that match your criteria. To clear the search just delete any criteria entered within the search text box.
  4. Page navigation: At the bottom right of the scenario listing is the pager that allows you to move between pages of scenarios and indicates the page number you are currently on.

Note: when you make a sort preference, such as sort by Title, this sort preference will be kept until otherwise changed.