User Logs

Another key feature of SBLi is its ability to track user responses and decision paths. Tracking users is a preference set by the scenario author. If tracking is set to yes, a unique User Log for each user will be provided. The User Log is a valuable tool for student assessment or for capturing research data.

User logs capture everything from: User ID, time taken, answers to all questions, which locations were visit, what actions were used, how long at each location. Essentially ever click made is captured and noted.

All this information is captured in XML format which allows for easy mapping to an excel spreadsheet. You can select all the information or just the information relevant to your needs.

Another option provided is to view the logs online. Once you have released your scenario to its audience you can see at a glance how many users have begun the scenario (see example below).

With the Online Web Management tool, you can manage logs related to a particular scenario. This includes viewing, searching, deleting, archiving and exporting scenario logs.

These logs can be review to assess the effectiveness of your teaching tool, or even to assess your student's understanding of your scenario's content and concepts. You can even have these logs emailed to you when a user completes the scenario, or export all the log after a sceanrio has ended to analyse all the logs together.

For professional trainers the user logs are a value add tool you can offer your clients. Logs provide an easy and effective way for you to customise reports on each individual user of your training scenario (see below for an example of the detailed User log).