Dynamic changes in a scenario

As you work your way through some scenarios, you will notice that certain locations, items and/or actions will appear or disappear as you visit particular locations, examine or collect particular items, or perform particular actions. The scenario author will have programmed the scenario in this way to increase the realism of the scenario. For instance, in order to visit a farmer's field in a scenario, you may first need to visit the farm, or to analyze the water quality of a stream, you must first visit that location and collect a water sample.

Questions and feedbacks on topics in scenario

The feedback you get when playing a particular scenario will depend on how the scenario author wants to provide that feedback. In some cases, you will be asked questions or asked to summarise your ideas at various points through the scenario. Having selected a multiple choice answer or written a summary of your ideas, you must then click on a "Submit" button below the response window. If the scenario is not part of a specific course or not being used for evaluation, your response is only recorded within the scenario. Where the scenario is part of course work and the teacher or lecturer wants to have a record of your responses and progress through the scenario, your response will be sent to an email or server address.

You may or may not be given immediate feedback to answers you give to questions. In some situations, you may not be able to proceed until you have selected the correct answer/s. In other cases, you may only get feedback at the end of a scenario, when a debriefing link appears on the horizontal bar above the Content window.

Note that: For certain scenarios, you may need to click on an action to finish the scenario for your report to be logged.

Continuing a scenario

If you are logged in whilst playing a scenario, you may close and shut down your browser at any time, you will be given an option to continue when you next log in.

Play: The Play button will start the scenario from the beginning. 

TIP: If you had already started a scenario from a previous session the Play option will ask if you wish to start the scenario from the beginning or continue with the last session.

Continue: This will start the scenario from the last point in the scenario was left.