The SBLi Player Interface

There are three components that make up a scenario – Locations, Items and Actions. Details about these three scenario components are presented to you via four component windows:


The Location window

Situated at the top left of the SBLi Player, this window contains all the locations that can be visited in the scenario.  They are represented in the software as icons. In some cases, these locations may be linked by roads.

Visiting a location

To visit a location, click on the icon in the Location window.  A blue arrow will appear next to that icon to show you which location you are currently visiting.

Information about a location

When you visit a location, a picture will appear in the Environment window to show what the environment at that location looks like.  Text or multimedia in the Content window will provide you with further information about that location and actions that you can carry out at that location are shown in the Actions window (which is selected by clicking on the Actions tab)

Nested locations

Locations are often places, such as schools, libraries, hospitals, veterinary laboratories and farms.  In some scenarios, when you visit a specific location, such as a hospital, the Location window will only show locations within the hospital, such as the ward front desk, an operating theatre, and the patient’s bed.

The Environment window

This window is situated in the top right of the SBLi Player, it shows the environment of the location selected in the Location window.

Items in the Environment window

Objects that occur within a specific location, such as a telephone or document in an office, or a microscope or X-ray photograph in a laboratory, will be shown in the associated Environment window. These items are represented as icons; the name of an item will appear if you move the mouse cursor over the icon. You can examine, collect or perform actions on these items.

Examining an item

To examine an item click on its icon - details about the item will then appear in the Content window below the Environment window.

Collecting an item

Some items in a scenario may be collectable. To collect an item that you may need to use or refer to in other Locations in the scenario, drag the icon to the square box in the bottom-right corner of the Environment window. You can check the item has been collected by looking in the Collections window in the bottom left of the Player (click the Collection tab).

Performing an action with an item

To perform an action associated with an item, first click on the item's icon to select it. Any actions associated with this item will then be shown in the Action window (which is selected by clicking on the Actions tab). You can perform an action by clicking on it.

The Content window

Details about locations and their environments, about items and about the result of performing actions are provided via the Content window when the location, item or action is selected. This information might be in the form of text, images, audio or video.

Multimedia in the Content window

In order to be able to listen to and view audio and video in the Content window, you will need to check that the computer you are using is suitably set up for audio and/or video playback.

The Actions Tab

You can open the Action window by clicking on the Action tab.  Listed in this window are the actions you can perform in a particular location and/or with a particular item/s.  For example, you might be able to inspect, monitor, count, pick a plant, take a sample, talk to a scenario character, take an X-Ray, or write a report.

In some cases, you may only need to be in a specific location, such as a field, to perform an action such as observing the distribution of a disease in the field. In other cases, you may need to have one or more items available

For instance, if you want to closely examine a diseased plant, you need to be in a laboratory, have collected the item – the diseased plant – and have clicked on a microscope icon in the laboratory to see the microscopic details of the pathogen.

The Collections Tab

The Collections window, which is opened by clicking on the Collections tab, shows any items that have been collected, by dragging items into the square collection box to the bottom right-hand corner of the Environment window.

You can uncollect items in the Collections window into your current Location by right-clicking on the collected item and clicking on “uncollect”.