Scenario based learning

Welcome to the Help section of the SBLi Player

SBLi scenarios aim to provide problem-based or enquiry-based learning experiences that can help users to:

How SBLi works

SBLi scenarios are developed by scenario authors using SBLi Builder. These scenarios are then made available to users via a SBLi Player either online or on a CD. Please visit our web site at if you would like more information about:

Differences between "Online" and "Application" players

To clarify, the "Online" player is the player used for scenario's that have been uploaded via the SBLi server and the "Application" player is the player that gets packges to a CD when a builder file has been deployed.

The principles are exactly the same, the only differences are found in the top menu bar. See below for examples

Online Player

Application Player

Getting help while playing a SBLi Scenario

This help section provides you with general information about the structure and functionality of the SBLi Player that will assist you in interacting with any SBLi scenario. Look out for additional hints the author of a SBLi scenario may decide to provide you with as you work your way through the scenario.

You can navigate this Help section in three ways: