This function enables you to toggle between the builder and the player mode. The current mode will appear greyed-out.  To change the mode click on the mode that is bold. Alternatively you can press the Control Tab buttons on your keyboard to toggle between the two states.

Player Mode. In player mode all controls for editing the scenario are removed and the user can play through the scenario in the same way as it would playback to a scenario user. Remember to use Scenario >> Reset State if you want to play from the beginning of the scenario.

Builder Mode. In builder mode controls related to creating and editing a scenario appear.


Application Settings

The fields within this section control the configuration of the application.  Changes to these settings will be remembered as long as the application is installed on the current machine.


External CSS editor executable path and External HTML editor executable path. The program selected will be used when attempting to open an external editor in which to edit the content pages.

Image Resizing

Maintain image aspect ratio on resize. If set to True, will automatically keep aspect ratio. Suggest large image resize. If set to True, SBLi will let you know when you are using an overly large image and ask you if you want to resize the image. Suggested maximum height & width. This allows you to predefine what the maximum heights should be.


Automate scenario backup. Automatically retains a number of copies of scenarios which are overwritten during a save.

Confirm scenario object delete. When set to true, a confirmation box will appear whenever an object is about to be deleted.

Disable end scenario conditions during builder mode. When set to true, the scenario does not "lock up" when working though the scenario in Builder mode.

Disable Prerequisites. When set to true, prerequisites will not be applied in the builder mode.

Show Splash Screen. This controls whether a splash screen pops up on loading the application.

Scenario Style Settings


The fields within this section control  the colour configuration.  These colours can be selected from the drop-down menu.  Changes to these settings will be remembered as part of the currently open scenario. The settings will travel with the scenario file wherever it goes.

Background colour of the background elements of the user interface;

Content page background colour for locations, items and actions;

Foreground colour for the foreground elements of the interface

Graphics strips text colour

Save Settings Button

This button will write the application and scenario settings to disk so that they are saved for when the application or scenario is next opened.

Scenario Reporting Configuration...

SMTP Mail Server Address.This option defines the mail server (SMTP) address. This option enables the sending the User Summary Report once a scenario user finishes playing through a Scenario.

Receiving Email Address.The email address defined for the option is the destination of the User Summary Reports that will be sent once a scenario user finishes playing a Scenario.