File menu

New Scenario

This function sets up a new blank scenario for you to begin work on. If you were currently working on a scenario you will be asked if you want to save it.

Load Scenario

Loads an existing SBLi scenario. If you are currently working on a scenario, you will be asked if you want to save it. Then, a dialogue box will appear, allowing you to browse for the scenario file you wish to load.

Save Scenario

This saves the scenario you are currently working on to a file on your local machine or your network. If the scenario had not previously been saved it will prompt you for a filename. Otherwise it will use the last saved filename.

Save Scenario As...

Saves the scenario you are currently working on, it will always prompt you to choose a filename.

Print Content...

Prints what is currently showing in the Content Window.

Deploy Scenario with SBLi Player...

This function enables you to package the scenario you have created with a SBLi Player, enabling you to deploy the scenario with the SBLi Player on to external media.  Before you go further it is wise to set up a folder (e.g. "CD Scenario"), where you will save the deployed scenario.  Choose this folder when you deploy the scenario.  This folder will now contain the scenario and a SBLi Player install package which can be copied to the media of your choice.

Deployed scenarios have the extension ".sblip" these files cannot be edited and can only be opened in SBLi Player.

If you wish to deploy your scenario on the Internet or an Intranet, you either need to obtain the SBLi Server (for more information visit - or contact us at [email protected] about our free hosting service.

Export Scenario schema

This function allows you to produce a text copy of the complete scenario, which can then be edited with an HTML editor or some other text editor and printed off. This schema of the scenario provides an excellent means of checking on the information provided in the scenario.

Initially, you will be asked where you want to save the schema and with what file name. The schema will then be saved in that location as an HTML file.


Quits the SBLi Builder. If there are currently unsaved changes to the open scenario it will prompt you to save them.

Recent Files

A list of recently opened scenarios is displayed at the bottom of the File menu. It holds up to 10 scenarios and can be used as a shortcut to load a recently used scenario.