Media Library


Media Library Top menu bar


File >> Load Media Library: allows the user to load an alternative media library. This may be a common library located on a server.  Media Libraries must be named “Media_library.xml”.


Add Category: enables the user to create their own category. For instance you may want to create a named after you scenario that only contains media relevant to your scenario.

Import Folder: allows users to import a folder of media. Only supported media will be shown in the media library. Supported media includes;
Audio: "mp3", "wav", "wma",
Video: "3gp", "avi", "flv", "mkv", "mov", "mp4", "mpeg", "mpg", "wmv", "swf"
Image: "ico", "jpg", "jpeg", "gif", "png", "bmp";

Rename Category: allows the user to rename any selected category.

Delete Category: allows the user to delete an existing selected category.

Import Media Items: allows the user to browse to a file they want to import.

Adding Media

  1. To activate the Media Library option, you must first add a location to the Location Window. This will enable the   Insert Media icon, found in the Content Editor.
  2. Next select the Media Library icon (), this will open the Media Library window pictured above.
  3. To add you own Media items  you have 2 options
    1. Import Folder.
      This allows you to browse to a folder of media. Once selected this media will be sorted in the Media Library. Meaning the media is not sourced from your original folder. Therefore any changes made to media in you original folder will not be reflected in the media library copy. To update the Media Library you must re-import any edited media.
    2. Import Media Items
Allows you to select individual files. These files will be added to the category folder selected at the time of importing. All items can be easily dragged and dropped to a new category if required.

Media Items

Preview: allows the user to preview a selected file or files.

Edit keywords: Allows the user to edit keywords attached to any media files.

Other Media Library icons

Show categories: takes the user back to the categories window.

Search for media items: will search the media library for any matching file names or keywords.

Thumbnails: shows the user graphic thumbnails of media.

Details: lists the name, size, format and dimensions of the media files.

Import: imports one or more media items into selected category.

Import Items: imports the selected media into the scenario.

Cancel: closes the Media Library