The Actions/Collections tabs adjacent to the bottom left window determine which mode the window is in.

Actions Tab

Click on this tab to view the Actions window and to access the functions for adding and editing actions associated with the current location or item.

Adding an action -  On first opening the Actions window, you will see a statement <<Add a new action>>.  Note that this action will be related to the currently selected location or item, as indicated by the text just above the Actions window.

Click on <<Add a new action>> and a text box appears, in which you can type the title of the action - such as "ask about symptoms", "take sample" and "measure room dimensions".  Once you have typed the new action, press Enter.

Note: The property panel now shows the various functions associated with the new action you have entered - such as its monetary and time cost or whether it is a final task. With the new action you have entered and selected, you can right click to access this property panel.

Renaming and deleting an action -  To the left of the new action you have entered are two boxes - with an  R  in one box and an  X  in the other.  Click on the  R  to rename the action and click on the  X  to delete the action.  A warning dialogue box will appear to check you want to proceed with the deletion.

Collections Tab

Click on this tab to view items that have been "collected" by dragging them into the collector box in the Environment window.

This Collections window is primarily of use when playing a scenario rather than building it. However, its functionality in the Builder does enable a scenario author to verify the functionality of prerequisites dependant on an Item being previously collected.

Note: By resetting the scenario (Scenario>>Reset state) all the items in the Collections window will be replaced in the Environment window.