Scenarios that your account has access to can be found via the "Scenarios" page.

Scenario colour coding: At the top of the "Scenarios" page is a key (see image below) denoting the availability of scenarios. The access rights of a listed scenario are: "Access now closed" (the scenario had a set start and end date, and the end date has passed), "Now Available" (has either no restrictions or a future date has been reached), or "Future Access" (has a future date set).

Action Icons:

Below are the icons found to the left of a listed scenario. The icons available may vary depending on the permissions you have with regard to the respective scenario.

Play Play: The Play button will start the scenario from the beginning. 

TIP: If you had already started a scenario from a previous session the Play option will ask if you wish to start the scenario from the beginning or continue with the last session.

Continue Continue: This will start the scenario from the last point in the scenario was left.