General User

This help steps through all the General User functionality within the SBL Interactive Scenario Management Server. For help on the SBL Interactive Scenario Web Player click here.

Registration and logging in to the Server

Some scenarios may be publicly accessible and do not require an account to access. However, in many instances an account may be required to scenarios.

How the SBL Interactive Server has been configured will determine how you obtain an account and login.

1. Self Registration

If your SBL Interactive administrator has enabled self registration a Register Link will be available on the main tool bar area (right) or via the login page.

Click this link to create a new account. You will need provide the following information for the account to be created:

Username - A unique string of characters that you need to remember for the login process.
Password - Your password should be a minimum of six characters, preferably containing a combination of letters, numbers and alphanumeric's. Do not share your password or use obvious words e.g. found in dictionaries.
Confirm Password - Retype your password to ensure you haven't made a mistake entering your password.
First Name
Last name
Phone Number - Optional
Organisation - Optional
Department - Optional

Click the Register button. If successful ..... Emailed? Admin Notified?

Once your account has bee registered successfully you should then be able to login.

TIP: Registration doesn't necessarily automatically grant you access to all scenarios. Your administrator determines this. If you can't find a scenario check with your SBLi administrator; Or if you can't play a scenario check the scenario start and close dates.

2. Centrally Managed Account

If your organisation has integrated the SBL Interactive Server with their login system, you will not be required to created an account. You would use your organisation username and password to login. On first successful log in, your account will be automatically be created and assigned to the appropriate groups. Normally the login page will tell you to use your organisation assigned username and password.
Normally where centrally managed accounts are used the self registration option is not available.

3. Administrator Created Account

Your SBL Interactive administrator has created an account for you. You may receive an email from the SBLi Server notifying you of your account details or directly from your administrator.