Welcome to the Help section of the SBL Interactive Web Management tool.

The SBLi server can be run in a standalone fashion or in conjunction with an institutes LDAP system (enrollment system). The standalone method means user/student lists need to be added via a bulk cvs file or on a case by case basis. More detail on this procedure will be discussed later in this document. If you have installed you SBLi server enabling communication with your institute’s enrollment system, students will be able to log in using their institute’s username and password.

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FAQ - Internet Explorer users

Q. I have a problem opening the scenario under Internet Explorer...

A. If you experience a blank tabbed page when attempting to launch the scenario when using Internet Explorer, your Internet Explorer installation may be corrupted or misconfigured. If possible choose another web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Otherwise try the following (assuming the computer you are using is not locked down by an Administrator, which would prevent you from adjusting these settings):

If none of the above solves your problem please contact [email protected]